State-of-the-art e-learning packages for shore and sea staff.


State-of-the-art e-learning packages for shore and sea staff.

Our series of accessible, highly interactive courses include video, role-play, risk identification tasks and a test to ensure participants learn effectively through “doing” and not just “watching”.

Courses are accessed with any internet connected device allowing seafarers and shore staff to complete their training at sea, on leave, at home or from the office. We also offer a SCORM version to plug directly into your own Learning Management System. E-learning courses include:

The Media, Social Media and You


Developed specifically for seafarers, this course covers how to handle a call to the vessel, how to manage a journalist encounter when ashore, and how to protect yourself and your family and guard against accidentally giving away sensitive information.

Junior shore staff.

Working through a scenario, this course will explain what journalists are looking for, how they gather information and the importance of a coordinated approach. Through a series of tasks and exercises you will fully understand your role in the wider communications strategy of your company and how to avoid traps and pitfalls.

Spokesperson Training

Middle management.

In some circumstances it will be important for your company to offer a human face during an incident – at a press conference, as a social media post, or as an interview. This course will prepare you for those situations giving you the skills to respond to journalist questions effectively and confidently – and to take control of the narrative. A real-time, one-on-one interview practice session is also included.

Senior management.

Building on the course for middle management, this follow-on programme teaches advanced techniques to deliver clear and effective messages with a calm and confident delivery. It helps develop your spokespersons into more sophisticated and natural communicators in front of the camera. Real-time, one-on-one interview practice sessions are also included.