Innovative new media simulator brings maritime exercises to life

6 March 2017
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Baltic Exchange based global crisis communications company, Navigate Response, has launched a social and mainstream media simulator to improve the realism of shipping industry exercises and enhance companies’ crisis response preparations.

The online platform, Triton, replicates media and social media activity to test response plans and create a sense of urgent realism for any exercise. The platform has already been used for a major simulated UK shipping incident involving over 40 companies and organisations.

Triton can host video, audio and can replicate the output of a range of social media and mainstream channels. It allows users to view and practice responding to the huge volume of simulated media enquiries and social media posts.

Dustin Eno, COO of Navigate Response explains: “I got tired of exercise participants telling me, ‘well if it had been real I would have responded like that…’ But would they? We developed Triton so people would practice like it’s real – exercises should feel like real incidents and real incidents should feel like exercises.”

Navigate Response represents ship owning and management companies with a combined fleet of 3000 plus ships and helps them to tell their side of the story in the wake of an incident. Media pressures can have a significant impact on how a company responds to an incident. A poorly handled crisis can have a long term negative effect on any company and public pressure, false rumours and concern on social media can quickly swamp a company.  Companies that are well-prepared and drilled are more likely to handle the pressures of a major incident.

Dustin Eno continues: “Beyond media preparedness, realistic simulation helps ensure the sincere involvement of team members from across a company. Accessible on any internet enabled device, Triton allows anyone with a password to follow their company’s statements and online reaction, just as they would in a real incident.”

Tan Wai Lin, head of Corporate Communications for Singapore based AET Tankers said: “The Triton based exercise was a lot of fun and got everyone involved and practicing new techniques in a realistic context. The stream of simulated content demonstrated how quickly a story can evolve and how easily statements can be taken out of context.”

Navigate Response’s training for the shipping industry goes beyond just using Triton. Companies are trained to deal with journalists on the phone, door-stepping, TV and radio interviews. Through Navigate Response’s network of 34 offices around the world, the crisis communications company is able to run exercises in over a dozen languages and accurately replicate the challenges of responding to an international story.

Triton is free to use for all Navigate Response clients, or as a standalone service for any company wishing to test its crisis response plans and increase the realism of its drills. Navigate Response reviews, drills and stress tests the response plans and capabilities of companies over 60 times a year.

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