Navigate Response co-host international maritime cybersecurity events

16 March 2023
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Save the date for Singapore, Hong Kong, Oslo and Athens.

Navigate Response, in collaboration with CyberOwl, invites you to join the 2023 maritime cybersecurity event, asking this very question:

Cybersecure at Sea 2023: Who’s in charge?

The sessions will be a sales-free environment genuinely focused on learning, experience-sharing and building a global support network.

Readiness repeatedly comes up as one of the weakest areas in any shipping cyber risk assessment. At the centre of this conference, we will explore the themes of readiness and ownership. Attendees will experience what it is like to survive a cyber incident on fleet operations.

We will work through the commercial, operational, legal, insurance, communication and reputational implications of a cyber incident. We will explore what responsibilities and actions each stakeholder in the value chain should own – charterer, shipowner, ship manager, insurer and wider suppliers.

Some of your peers are more prepared than others. How do you compare?

Last year, this flagship event was attended by 400+ shipping cybersecurity professionals from 80 different shipping companies and 30 countries.

Click here to sign up now to your local event.

This year they are going on a world tour for an in-person event. We will host events in Singapore, Athens, Oslo, Hong Kong. We would love to see you there in person.


In order to maximise participation and interaction,

there are a limited number of places available.

We respectfully request to select joining in-person only if you are able to attend.

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