Media Training

Preparing you to face media scrutiny with the best possible outcome.

Media Training

Preparing you to face media scrutiny with the best possible outcome.

Well delivered media training will transform your team into positive ambassadors for your company.​

Our comprehensive media training packages are delivered in-person, on-line or via state-of-the-art e-learning packages. Our unique, in-house media and social media simulator “Triton” adds realism and pressure to all our training sessions.

Our trainers are seasoned, hands-on media responders with cutting-edge experience of managing maritime and corporate crises. This ensures our training is always up-to-date, innovative, engaging and effective.


Training is always tailored to specific company requirements and core packages include:

Office Staff
Social Media


Intensive training to prepare senior executives to face the media in an interview or press conference situation. Highly realistic practical sessions prepare for TV, radio, down-the-line and other journalist encounters allowing your executives to take control of the situation with confidence.


Key members of your team are likely to be confronted by the media during a crisis situation. This course gives them a thorough understanding of what they might face and how to speak cogently and clearly about the company’s actions should they have to.

Office Staff

Any of your team, however junior, might take a call from a journalist. It’s important that they act professionally and not inadvertently divulge confidential information or give a confusing message. This course teaches them how to do that.   


Seafarers can unwittingly give away information or alert the media to an unfolding story and they are increasingly being targeted by journalists who want a human or first-hand account. Our seafarer packages train those on board how to act and react.


Social platforms are globally accessible and highly influential. This course demonstrates their importance, how to monitor sentiment, how to generate positive stories and how to defend your reputation during an incident. All key social platforms are covered.


All our courses are tailored to suit company requirements. However, if you want something completely unique, please let us know. Recently, we’ve delivered courses on public speaking and presentational skills, effective communication for charities, and how to defend your workers when faced with political backlash.