Communicating across borders: wading into policy

The world is drenched in unease. From the Russia-Ukraine conflict to Iranian-American tensions, 2022 has had it all. As a global industry, shipping sits within a sea of competing agendas. At one stage or another, maritime companies will inevitably find themselves in an awkward position. Consider the vessels that have been stuck in Odessa. Just […]

Cyber-attack – reducing the risk

When it comes to cyber incidents in the maritime industry companies often focus on the operational side of things. Afterall, shipping-related cyber risks that can compromise information systems, may result in operational, safety, and security failures. Or companies might focus on the financial implications of a breach, such as ransoms or fines and compensation. Financial […]

Cyber threats – the tech to tackle them

“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who has been swimming naked.” While Warren Buffett was famously referring to business fundamentals in the face of a tricky economic climate, there are important lessons for cyber risk management. In February earlier this year, as Russia was launching its campaign against Ukraine, the security analyst […]

Newsletter September 2022

Shipping grapples with geopolitics, cyber threats, shipping emissions, mistakes, spokespeople and more…

No mistake – a midsummer pipe dream

If we couldn’t be sure we were in a ‘silly season’ here in London with the hiatus surrounding Boris Johnson’s exit from Downing Street, the red alert for extreme heat certainly got our attention. But then only a few weeks earlier we may have been thrown off course when, in a radio obituary for the […]

Public perception: We’re all in it together

Next time you’re at an industry event and someone smugly tells you that they don’t care about the media because “it doesn’t really matter” don’t laugh politely or smile uncomfortably. Instead, tell them to step up their game, because their recklessness will impact you, everyone in the room and indeed everyone in our industry. Within […]

Reducing carbon emissions in shipping: is ammonia the next big thing?

The earth is getting warmer. According to the 2021 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the global climate will warm between 2.1 to 3.9 degrees Celsius by 2100. As a consequence, droughts, extreme weather phenomena and rising sea levels threaten our life on earth. To prevent this, climate-damaging greenhouse gases must be […]

Virtual Incident Command Post – beyond the horizon

The last several years have forced us to change how we do business and how we interact on both a professional and personal level. From seeing family and friends via Zoom so we can stay connected and share special occasions to conducting staff meetings with our co-workers, technology has provided an electronic bridge to span […]

Mainstream market moves as maritime media landscape changes

The Covid pandemic seems to have stirred what a famous economist called “animal spirits” in the fast-spinning world of media. John Maynard Keynes was referring to the way in which people arrive at financial decisions. And some significant investment moves have been made recently across many media sectors as players jockey for market share and […]

Are your spokespeople prepared for the next crisis?

When a crisis befalls an organisation and reputations are at stake, organisations need to act quickly to minimise fallout and restore trust. Shaping the crisis narrative in the early stages of the crisis is a top priority in most cases, but it is often a complex process where outcomes are hard to predict. To achieve […]