Newsletter – June 2024

Learning from elections and new leaders through crisis response, banning green-washing, cyber risks, a lifeline to crews in conflict zones …and more

Navigating crisis in the ‘Super Election Year’

2024 is being hailed as the “year of the vote.” With a record-breaking number of national elections, some two billion voters in more than 80 countries will cast their ballots. High-stakes battles are dominating news coverage and global conversations, from incumbent US President Joe Biden seeking a second term to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi […]

Shipping’s false green claims won’t be allowed in the EU

The European Union’s lawmakers have been among global leaders in environmental regulation. The flagship initiatives of Green Deal and Fit for 55 are the frameworks that determine the entire structure of the Europe’s economy. Regulators not only set the non-financial reporting rules, but also want to prevent companies from the false ‘greening’ of their public […]

The Digital Charisma of Singapore’s Next Prime Minister

Singapore is undergoing change. Depending on when you read this article, Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore’s third prime minister, will have either just handed over the reins or is on the verge of passing the baton to the 4G leadership under Lawrence Wong, marking the end of an era and the beginning of another after almost […]

Why is Maritime at such risk from cyberattacks?

In the age of evolving technology, the risk of cyberattacks has increased. But why specifically is the maritime industry under such threat? The growth of automation and the use of AI within the maritime industry represents the start of a new era in which more vessels and ports are integrating increasingly advanced technology into their […]

Starlink Onboard – and the communication risks

Every week I talk to another client who is installing Starlink on their vessels. The benefits of the technology are obvious: better real-time tracking of onboard systems, more efficient coordination with shore teams and improved connections with friends and family for the crew onboard. However, this enhanced connectivity, including the ability to stream live HD […]

Know your position: playing the crisis game

It is the primary rule of playing for a sports team: know your position. Yet the concept rarely gets the airtime it deserves in crisis communications. Much more often, we hear from commentators who recommend aggressive strategies that seek to proactively show transparency and responsible action – good advice in many instances. Yet, it is […]

Fact-checking: a word about pictures

Seeing news pictures showing the collapse of the Baltimore key bridge was extraordinary – the kind of news that leaves a print slow to fade from memory. Although in these times of overt fact-checking, with more reasons to check an image for original source or data trail, it’s doubtless headache grey for any picture editor. […]

A lifeline in rough seas

When you head to your workplace each day, it would be safe to assume for most people that you do so without fear of being attacked, caught up in a war, or detained by foreign authorities for something completely out of your control. However, this is not the reality for seafarers transiting through high risk […]

Newsletter – February 2024

Navigating geopolitics, comparing automotive to maritime, green economy, leaders – winners and losers, media relationships …and more