Newsletter January 2023

Fishing boat incidents, a world without news, AI, the value of ESG, management training and more

Shipping must be prepared for social media storms

Because shipping is almost entirely business-to-business (B2B) in its outlook, many in the industry assume that a social media-driven crisis is unlikely to happen to their company. Heightened social media trends usually embarrass or bring down retail, mass brand companies, right? Think McDonald’s or airlines or fashion brands which have had to scramble quickly to […]

Senior management training and its relevance

Effective crisis communication entails coordination at an organisation-wide level, and it is tough managing and controlling the flow of information during a crisis or emergency situation. It’s no wonder companies look to the professionals to teach them how to do it. Even then, how do you choose among the seemingly endless training options? Crisis training, […]

Simulate your next crisis – don’t wait for it!

Most companies believe they are ready to face an operative or reputational crisis. Executives usually rely on heavy crisis handling books, previous theoretical lecturing or the proven experience of their leaders. That is the easiest way to failure. As handbooks need to be updated, challenges and risks require a permanent revision. It is also important […]

Crisis communication starts from within

As the new year dawns upon us, we find it timely to take stock of the past year and reflect on the lessons learnt. Our clients are no different; many of them ask for our feedback as part of their annual or periodic reviews. They seek improvements – from a reputation management and crisis communication […]

Can AI write a press release for a maritime crisis? We tested it has received wide attention since it was released in November 2022. The free online platform allows anyone to “chat” with an AI. We started by typing: Describe what you are in one sentence. Reply: I am a large language model trained by OpenAI to assist users with a wide range of tasks and questions. […]

A world without news – stay in touch or go fish?

I can be a bit of a news addict at times. The continual cycle either repeats every hour, with little or no update, or the running order changes – if not the entire world order these days – as some major story development breaks. So the other day, I was speaking to someone who told […]

Communicating across borders: wading into policy

The world is drenched in unease. From the Russia-Ukraine conflict to Iranian-American tensions, 2022 has had it all. As a global industry, shipping sits within a sea of competing agendas. At one stage or another, maritime companies will inevitably find themselves in an awkward position. Consider the vessels that have been stuck in Odessa. Just […]