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A panel of experts discuss some of the latest cyber threat trends we are seeing in the maritime industry
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By Dustin Eno

As the pandemic continues to restrict our ability to travel and meet in-person, we are continuing our webinar series.

A huge thank you to the speakers and panellists who have contributed to our webinars so far and thank you to the thousands of you who have joined us from almost every corner of the globe (we’re only missing Antarctica).

Based on feedback from you, our next topic is Cyber Security, including the accociated media, social media and crisis communications connections. We hope you’ll join us:

14th October – Cyber Security Concerns in the Maritime Sector

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As we become increasingly reliant on the technological solutions that have allowed our sector to continue functioning during the global pandemic, the cyber threats we face hold ever more devastating potential.

Navigate Response has teamed up with a panel of experts including Bill Egerton, Chief Cyber Officer, Astaara Company Limited, Carey Lening, Managing Director, Knowligence and our own Dustin Eno, COO & Crisis Response Manager, Navigate Response to discuss some of the latest cyber threat trends we are seeing in the maritime industry – and how your organisation might anticipate and prepare to respond to the next cyber crisis. Our webinar will cover:

  • Emerging threats in the maritime sector
  • How organisations can start to assess whether they are ‘match fit’ to face up to a cyber attack
  • The legal and corporate implications of data protection breaches
  • How companies can effectively communicate highly complex and technical topics with the general public to provide reassurance and defend reputations

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Our recent webinar, Seafarer Mental Health and the Crew Change Crisis was well attended. If you missed this one, see the link and write-up: Crew changes – mental health a priority

We would love to hear from you. Is there anything that you’re keen for us to discuss, or that you’d like to contribute to? Do get in contact with us at enquiries@navigateresponse.com.

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