What do we do with bad news?

Delivering bad news or making an unpopular decision is an inevitable aspect of everyone’s professional and personal life. This is no different in the dynamic landscape of business. Companies often face the daunting task of communicating bad news to employees, shareholders, the public, and their other stakeholders. Whether it’s a financial setback, a strategic shift, […]

Broken news

There is nothing like summer to throw up a tangle of news stories. And it felt nothing like summer, as extreme weather stories eclipsed myriad migrant crossings, protestors played to the gallery, and a NATO conference – focused on a European war – got little mention as a BBC news anchor was dragged through the […]

Flying with the right tone: Muhlenberg and the 737 Max

When Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed in March of 2019, public opinion of Boeing CEO, Denis Muilenberg, was already souring. With the death toll from the failed 737 Max then topping 346, an already struggling Boeing was on the verge of meltdown and their communications were in shambles. The New York Times described Muilenburg’s attempts […]

Why risk it? How to manage reputational risks like a pro

I am sure your company invests time and resources to meticulously understand every aspect of your operations that could go wrong, but does your risk and horizon scanning include assessing reputational threats? Analysing reputational risks holds paramount significance in today’s interconnected and fast-paced business landscape. A company’s reputation, carefully built over time, serves as a […]

Hacking your brain: unravelling the enigma of public speaking confidence

Picture your audience in their underwear. Now, that’s a piece of advice many have heard on how to cope with the anxiety that comes with public speaking – a fear that most of us, even those at the top, struggle with. I understand the idea behind it; when the audience is vulnerable or “exposed”, we […]

Echo chambers – what are they and how do they affect crisis response?

We only want to hear what we want to hear – only the good stuff, that is. Psychologists call it confirmation bias. The neuroscientists define it as selective auditory attention. My wife calls it selective hearing. And yes, I’m often guilty as charged. Most, if not all of us, gravitate toward ideas and opinions that […]

Exploring the nexus of digitisation and crisis comms

In today’s evolving digital landscape, the intersection of digitisation and crisis communication has become a pivotal point for businesses and organisations to navigate. As traditional modes of communication are complemented and, at times, replaced by digital channels, understanding the dynamics of this relationship becomes crucial for effective crisis management. We are in the process of […]

Charting a course to better mental health – prioritising the well-being of seafarers

As a former law-enforcement officer with a background in psychology, I understand first-hand the importance of mental health, particularly in environments of high risk and pressure. That is why I’m determined to bring attention to the mental health of seafarers. Seafarers play a crucial role in global trade and, while seafaring is an essential profession, […]