Experience gained from many thousands of casualties.


Experience gained from many thousands of casualties.

Managing the media for some of the world’s largest maritime incidents.

Over the past couple of decades, our team has worked on many thousands of incidents including those that rarely make the press and those that have generated global headlines. Our experience spans collisions, groundings, spills, seafarer issues, vessel attacks, political action, cyber-criminality, corporate dealings and more:

High Visibility Grounding

A highly visible casualty will attract significant media attention.

In this case, headlines flashed around the world in minutes encouraging millions of people to follow the drama. A robust strategy of early and ongoing media engagement, including our presence at the scene, allowed us to manage the story and avoid unhelpful speculation.

Oil in the sea

Even small oil spills can become major international stories.

Immediate and effective monitoring is vital to understand if media traction is being gained. Here, we monitored and engaged with local community groups, environmental activists and political factions to ensure the true facts and likely impact were fully understood. Our rapid action prevented a full-scale media explosion based on guesswork and conjecture.

An incident in US waters

24 hour rolling news in the USA is sensational, aggressive and demanding.

The overall response to this incident was managed by the US Coast Guard and we filled the “Public Information Officer” role within the Unified Command structure, working closely with the QI. Working within the Joint Information Centre (JIC) we ensure a steady stream of up-to-date information was supplied to the news agencies to counter the less accurate and critical sources.

Fatality at sea

Tragic situations require sensitive handling.

Our aim was to provide support to the family of the deceased by managing the media and social media. It was important that relatives were not further upset by relentless and misleading comment. In addition, it was vital to take media pressure off the company and allow them to provide much needed support to the next of kin.

Rescuing refugees

Shipwrecked migrants create a story packed with emotion.

An attempted rescue at sea resulted in more than 250 million social posts and intense media scrutiny. Instead of accolades, one wrong word from those in authority spun a positive story into a relentless accusation of negligence and wrong-doing. Our rapid and decisive action secured a retraction of blame which we quickly shared with the media. As a result, the story was reversed and our client was publicly praised.