Videos: COVID-19 global media snapshots

11 May 2020
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Novel Coronavirus – rarely, if ever, has a single cause had such a dramatic and widespread impact.

While the impacts have been felt in almost every country, they have been far from uniform. Region by region, audience by audience the impacts of the pandemic and how they’ve been reported have varied significantly.

Navigate Response operates one of the strongest global networks specialising in crisis communications and through these unprecedented times we’ve been helping our clients to communicate in every corner of the globe from Lagos to São Paulo and from Genoa to Singapore.

Over the next couple of weeks, in the lead up to our June Newsletter, we’ll be releasing a series of global snapshots – insights from our team of communications professionals around the world.

  • How can we communicate effectively in a world with restricted movement and a single-story dominating 24/7 coverage?
  • How is the media in countries around the world reporting on the challenging times?
  • What has the pandemic made us do better that we’ll continue doing after we return to normal?

We get thoughts, insights and answers from our team of communications specialists in 43 locations across 29 countries.

Riccardo Masnata, Genoa, Italy, Navigate Response. Recorded 28 April 2020

Italy is one of the worst hit countries in Europe. Riccardo’s advice is to communicate honestly and straightforwardly. Things are difficult and there is no need to try and hide the challenges that a company is facing. Everyone will understand. However, as always, be sure to start by communicating internally before communicating with external stakeholders.

Valerie Lim, Singapore, Navigate Response.

As events and meetings in Singapore have been cancelled, the need for companies to communicate with their stakeholders has been greater than ever. Valerie speaks about the efficiencies her team is finding by conducting meetings online; something she hopes will continue after freedom of movement returns. However, she also speaks of the need to take time each day away from screens as the workday at home can blend into personal time.

Wilson Barros, São Paulo, Brazil, Race Communications, Navigate Response partner.
Brazil is a country that depends on face-to-face communications. Media management under lockdown is both more difficult and more important than ever. Wilson’s advice to companies is to build their communications strategies around two questions. 1. How can you help society in these times? 2. What are you doing to keep your employees safe?

Adedayo Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria, Caritas Communications, Navigate Response partner.
83% of Nigerians get their news from social media and sadly fake and misleading news about Covid-19 has been thriving in this time of intense pandemic coverage. Adedayo’s advice to corporate communicators is to go to where the audiences are; at the moment in Nigeria that means social media and television.

Sean Fitzgerald, Houston, USA, Witt O’Brien’s, Navigate Response’s parent company.

USA media outlets are incredibly focused on Covid-19 right now. Because 2020 is a presidential election year the pandemic is being politicised at every opportunity. Companies looking to communicate or attract media attention at this time need to manage their expectations and look for ways to connect their “news” with the story of the year.

Guillaume Foucault, Paris, France, CORPCOM, Navigate Response partner.
After an initial drop in business, Guillaume is seeing crisis communications work return, as companies need to communicate about the challenges they’re facing. Guillaume’s advice to companies is to put health first. “No health, no worker. No worker, no company.

Dhrubajyoti Gayan, Delhi, India, Candour Communications, Navigate Response partner.
In India, in line with global patterns over the last decade, interactions have been moving online, non-essential travel and events have been declining, and print media has been in a downward spiral. Covid-19 has accelerated change, but the direction remains the same.


Sibel Asna, Istanbul, Turkey, A&B Communications, Navigate Response partner.
In their 45-year history A&B Communications has experienced many crises, from coups to wars to banking crises. Our Turkish partner, Sibel Asna tells us that in a crisis, communication is more important than ever and that experienced local agencies are vital to feeling the pulse of the public.


We will be updating this page regularly over the coming weeks. Check back here and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to get the latest insights from our experts around the world.


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