White Paper: Nigerian Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea 2018 H1 Review

31 July 2018
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We respond to numerous pirate attacks on our clients’ vessels every year. Media management for such cases requires close collaboration between all the organizations mobilized to support the shipping company and the seafarers on board.

To provide the best information to our stakeholders, we are proud to have partnered with EOS Risk Group, a leading professional security services company, to provide this in-depth report on the evolving regional situation. The report provides statistics, explores factors that contribute to piracy and examines the emerging trends.

The frequency of pirate attack in the Gulf of Guinea in 2017 was largely unchanged from 2016, however, concerningly, the number of seafarers taken hostage in these attacks increased by 44% year on year.

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For other perspectives on the regional context, we have interviewed some leading voices in the field to bring a distinctly human angle to the criminal activity in the region.

  • Dr. Sophia Galani, Lecturer in Law at the University of Bristol, explored the impacts on the human rights of those targeted by pirate activity and of those accused as perpetrators.
  • Our Crisis Response Manager, Jonathan Spencer, detailed the connection between poverty on shore and piracy at sea.
  • Leading maritime lawyer, Stephen Askins of Tatham Mcinnes drew on his 25+ years’ experience working on the front lines of the world’s piracy hotspots to paint a lawyer’s picture of the factors that deter piracy.
  • Adedayo Ojo, CEO of Caritas Communications, our Nigerian partner, explored the role of the Nigerian media in covering maritime incidents, including pirate attacks in his country’s waters.

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