A new normal – are all your staff media aware?

The interactive content puts participants in the zone of handling that difficult call
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By Jonathan Spencer

Media and social media training for all staff is vital

These days it can seem the news media can race ahead to find the “right” voice in any story. Though times appear to be in a constant state of change, it is essential that companies are up to date with training, and not least when it comes to communications.

You get a phone call on a garbled line, perhaps you’re now back in the office and you reach for a colleague’s extension, or that switchboard call reaches you… Your first thoughts aren’t anywhere close to the international news. And on the phone, it’s a journalist…

At Navigate Response we want our clients to stay media aware at every level and to build the necessary skills across their teams ahead of any major incident. Our new online eLearning course: The Media and Social Media – Your role equips any team member with some basics and much more besides.

Designed to be accessible – around 45 minutes to complete on any internet connected device – the interactive content puts participants in the zone of handling that difficult call. Staff will recognise why care taken from the outset can be a real asset.

Learning points include:

  • Always know who you’re speaking to – they may not have your company’s best interests in mind
  • How to respond when called by a journalist
  • How to respond if approached by a journalist, including if you’re in a group / with your boss
  • What a journalist can legally do on and off private property – how you might be legally (and “illegally”) recorded
  • How to remove a journalist from your office without creating a story
  • Helping a spokesperson prepare for an interview
  • Know your social media privacy settings
  • Consider what might be revealed by photos you post on social media
  • Consider what problems might be created by other posts on social media

Basic awareness of the news media business adds valuable knowledge. In today’s world, we need to be careful what we say, or post online – perhaps more than ever. Company reputations can be damaged, even lost, in a loose tweet.

The online course is split into seven modules which comprise a mix of videos, text and interactive activities – if it’s not truly interactive the learning will not be retained. There is a test at the end and, if successful, participants will receive a certificate.

We know you and your team will greatly benefit from The Media and Social Media – Your role. But don’t take it from us, or the strong feedback so far from clients. Get in touch and we would be very happy to provide you with access to try it out for yourself.

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