The Coronavirus, the Butterfly and the Pilot

Every crisis has an end. The current coronavirus pandemic will have its own. It’ll be the fourth Phase with a return to normalcy for just about everything except the economy.

“Events dear boy, events” …cancelled

We live in a culture of accelerated globalisation, but how that changes course towards isolated dystopia – and one story’s saturation of news coverage – is yet to be written.

I am not going to try.

Think of it as a media workout

It’s late and your standing that red-eye watch. There’s a moderate breeze, with a sea state 4. Visibility is 1.5 nautical miles and a full moon lights the wisp of white horses. How could there possibly be an incident?

6 things people don’t understand about shipping

A big part of my job as a communications specialist for the shipping industry is explaining our industry to people who find what we do and how we operate hugely confusing (and in fairness, who can blame them?).