What are you waiting for?

The intention is there, but with the best will in the world things distract us
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By Jonathan Spencer

Well, we got through the summer months. Like the months before, it was a world of online platforms, for those of us not stranded at airports as one quarantine rule replaced another at a few hours’ notice.

Time to take stock, space to think ahead or simply catch up on those things that never get done…?

Well, at Navigate Response we captured the attention of clients with our online media training platform, with many seafarers and shore staff signing up – and completing the courses.

The intention is there, but with the best will in the world things distract us or there’s a more pressing priority. I’ll do that tomorrow, there’s a report to write ..chores to do …a boxset to finish.

Google Meet, Zoom or Teams – where any place in the world might be in the next room (just so long as Wi-Fi or the ship’s connectivity stacks up). The life as we know it in other countries; everyone squeezed into the same screen of peculiarity that has become increasingly familiar.

What are you waiting for?

Some have done the training with their reservations about engaging with the media, some may lack the confidence that can only come with practice. Others may be simply assigned to a course as a fleet roll-out booking. So, you’ve ticked that off a list… At least you have got it done.

The positive feedback we have had suggests that, while we are filing the vital gaps for those who have a level of awareness, we are also reaching those convinced this is a skill level they lack – and one they would really value.

The world was knocked sideways with coronavirus six months ago. It took race protests and a devastating warehouse explosion in Beirut to change the headlines. In the UK, a radio presenter apologises for returning the news agenda to Brexit. That clock still ticks, along with global hopes for a vaccine. But we have seen the calamitous bunker spill off Mauritius, and a livestock cargo sunk, drowned in Japanese waters with the loss of dozens of seafarers and cattlemen.

The media’s traditional August silly season is behind us, though we be lulled into one long season of silly. There is always another major story around the corner.

Some teams can swing into action, the tried and tested response plan is long enough to cover everything, but is it thin enough to grasp anything? There was something on media at section five, page 46… Didn’t Stefan do a course..? But Stefan is on leave.

We bang on about preparedness because that’s the difference.

Navigate Training is the platform that prepares you so that when the story is your company, brand or ship you are already prepared for whatever platform. Yes, every incident scenario is different, yes we are still there for you to draft messages and rehearse answers. But you don’t come to the stage fearful – or foxed – when you have already made the mistakes in rehearsal.

If you have signed up to our training platform, do continue to complete the course. If you need to add yourself, or your fleet, please get in touch.

Navigate Training – our courses online

  • Online spokesperson course: Our 45-60 minute eLearning course takes our traditional spokesperson training online to complete at your leisure, before you benefit from a 30 minute one-on-one coaching session with one of our crisis response managers.
  • Online presentation skills: 60-minute live course focusing on communicating through virtual platforms and overcoming the challenges of sometimes unfamiliar technology.
  • Webinar moderation: 90-minute live course on best practice for managing a webinar online, including managing questions and answers, panellists and adapting to different types of webinar events.
  • The Media, Social Media and You: designed for seafarers so they are prepared to protect their company’s reputation by effectively managing approaches from journalists and avoiding problematic online activity.

We’ve long held workshops and seminars on becoming better communicators. It’s what we’re passionate about. If you want to make sure your skills stay ‘current’ in our continuing challenging landscape, get in touch with us to see how we can support you.

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